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Team Max is committed to supplying our customers with products that strictly adhere to international standards. We promise to deliver our products and services with sincerity.
About Team Max
Since the inception of our factory in 1999, we succeeded in positioning the smoking set owing to its unique concept: the development of cigar cutters, which consistently pay tribute to functionality, quality, and affordability. We rely on our innovative design approach and manufacturing expertise to fulfill our customers’ needs.

Our meticulous attention to detail and rigorous standards guarantee the exceptional reliability that our clients have come to expect from Team Max. Committed to continuously offering the most innovative and functional cigar accessories, we invest significant resources in ongoing research and development. Our goal is to make every customer a long-term relationship. 
From A Company You Can Trust
Cigar Cutters
From A Company You Can Trust
Our customer service team is eager to assist you with your requirements. We offer competitive pricing and perfect quality on Cigar Cutters, Scissors, Puches, and Smoking Pipe companions! Please contact us and learn more about all we have to offer for your company.
We creating cigar accessories solutions for your company
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Superior Technology
Team Max designs and manufactures the most technologically advanced cigar cutters on the market today. 
Exceptional Teliability
Our meticulous attention to detail and rigorous standards guarantee exceptional reliability.
Competitive pricing
Team Max is able to offer its exceptional cigar cutter solutions at competitive prices. 
Outstanding Customer Service
Team Max provides each of its clients with exceptional customer service.